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Synolgy - your private cloud modern system

Posted by Gadget Guru on Sunday, January 13, 2019

Synology - Your private cloud storage

This review will focus on Synology DS218+, which is the best home and small office solution for private cloud storage system. Synolgy is a NAS, Network Attached Storage that offer a lot of extra functionality besides being a NAS.

The Synology DS218+ is almost identical to all other Synology models with the same operating system. Some older models will not have the audio/video transcoding features that this model has.

As privacy becomes imminent a private cloud solution is a must, I feel that Synology provide one of the best, affordable and easy to use product in the NAS market today.

This system is a perfect combination of hardware and software.

hardware specs

  1. Dual-core 2.0 GHz CPU
  2. Over 113 MB/s sequential reading and 112 MB/s writing
  3. 2GB DDR3L-1866 memory (expandable up to 6GB)
  4. Three USB 3.0 ports

The fan is ultra silent, and the overall heat consumption is so low that I placed main inside my TV cabinet.

For storage disks I used 2 of Western Digital RED edition 4TB. (we will try to cover them later on on our website)


I have added extra memory, the Crucial 4GB Single DDR3L


Installation was a breeze. with no tools required. Plug-in the power adapter and lets go!

Disk Station Manager

We have started up the device and now its time to talk on the amazing OS - Disk Station Manager

First, security:

Create a user name and activate 2-step verification. (In Control Panel -> Users)

Second, we setup external access:

I choose to buy a domain from my favourite domain provider namecheap and use it, its not a must, Synology provide a Dynamic DNS service on their domains as well. If you do choose to use a domain, you set up a dynamic DNS from Synology and then point your domain to the dynamic DNS as a CNAME. So that, will point to dynamic DNS url.

To Setup DDNS, go to Control Panel -> External Access -> DDNS, and add a synology DDNS which is provided free by Synology and works great!

Then we generate a free Let’s Encrypt free ssl certificate, so access to our private cloud will be secured with SSL.

To Issue a certificate:

Go to Control Panel -> Security -> Certificate and start the process of issuing a certificate.

Make sure that port 80 is accessible from your home/office network to the Synolgy DS218+ while issuing the certificate

Third, Setup an email account and setup Synolgy to use it. Create a free google mail account, then go to Control Panel -> Notification and setup gmail account and set your recipient email address. >Synology support Google, Outlook, Yahoo, QQ and Custom email provider

Disk Station Native Application

My pick of application you must use to understand why I like Synolgy so much

  1. Download station - Download torrent, NZB and http files using your NAS, with automated extraction of zipped files

  2. Moments - Your own private “Google Photos” application, stores all of your photos and videos. Porvide basic image recognition, and the moments application support backups from mobile to the NAS

  3. File Station - A File explorer to navigate files and folders on the NAS, you can upload and download files with it. Make sure to activate SMB, NFS, AFP to have access via finder and windwos

  4. Drive - Your very own private Google Drive/Dropbox allowing access from mobile and desktop to your files from anywhere

  5. Note Station - Private notes application, no more Google Keep or Microsoft Onenote, have your notes private without no one accessing it but you

  6. Office - Have your own private Document, Spreadsheet and Slides.

  7. Hyper Backup - Setup a backup to Amazon S3, or any other cloud providers and have your data safe

  8. VPN Server - Safe access to your NAS and home/office network, supports LT2P/IPSec, OpenVPN and PPTP protocols

  9. Cloud Sync - Real time backup to Amazon S3, or any other cloud providers and have your data safe and restore-able

  10. Docker - Run docker daemon on your NAS for running and testing endless possibilities using Docker

I am pretty sure that a lot of you want to get some more information on each application, or some of you knows more applications that were missing in this review. Feel free to head to our @SeekersDeal and ask, we will answer and update this review accordingly

Disk Station Community Application

  1. Plex media server, all my media files saved on the Synology DS218+ using File Station and now accessible on all my home/office via Plex client app (iOS, Apple TV, Mac, Android, and Windows systems)

Hopefully you enjoyed this short review on Synology DS218+

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